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StrikerM Content Delivery Platform

Key features include:

  • 0.2 - 0.5 MS page load speed (Ultra fast page loading)
  • Multi level category (tree structure) type menu system
  • Multi lingual capability
  • Simple Customer Relation Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Campaign management
  • Sales / service management  / e-commerce facilities
  • Multi-site deployment

StrikerM  Serves - Medium Sized Businesses:
The system features a multi level category function with and complete step by step process when generating pages, this means that the end user can create thousands of pages, while maintaining a very simple navigation flow.

The system is also able to assist the administrator to store information about it’s members and customers, with customised member information fields, similar to that of a CRM.

Members can be assigned to one or multiple groups, the groups and/or members can both then be assigned access to certain information, recommended for targeted digital asset management.

Some leading organisations that utilise StrikerM include but not limited to: Sports clubs, sporting associations, aircraft carriers, backpackers youth hostel, and sub government community websites.

Strkier-M is fully compatible with most major ERP / CRM platforms. Integration is completed by SKIZCorp or selected SKIZCorp partners.

Quick Deployment - StikerM Can be deployed for your organisation in less than 5 days.

Note:  Even though several plugins are available for StrikerM, some specific plug-ins or modules may not be available, so in the case that an organisation requires a plug-in which is available through an Opensource system such as wordpress, joomlah, xoops, the plug-in can be converted and be utilised with StrikerM, providing it has been developed to a high standard, otherwise the module can be developed within a short period of time.

From $89 per month


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