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Nanoreash Information Messenger

Nanoreash wireframe holisticly developed using process intensification technique, Nanoreash engine performs as the backend of your website, It comes with a choice of two gneric themes that can be modified through the adminisration interface and can do so with just a mouse. Nanoreash compatable with any theme built in HTML5 or CSS3 to drive the front end of your website.

Commenced Development in June 2006 –  Active
Platform development:  SQL,  HTML5, Dynamic CSS3 & Java -script, Mobile-friendly and drives.


When the chips need more byte...

Aprogressive organization continually seeks effective solutions for better communication with customers, opportunities to foster collaboration between their systems and skillfully leverage their existing IT investment It‘s a scenario of total excecutive success where stumbled upon by accident is close to the most powerful information delivery solution is strkingly under 5 MB in file size, it's developed using process intensification. 

Welcome to Nanoreash Information Messenger

Nanoreash is a tiny Light weight website management system designed for small businesses, and has some really cool features such as multi site deployment or multilingual capability.


  • Configuration Manager
  • Style Manager
  • Membership Manager
  • User accounts
  • User Download area
  • Newsletters
  • Search
  • Content Manager
  • Unlimited Main Menu - Sub Menu
  • Front Page Manager
  • Front page Image Manager
  • Testimonials Manager
  • FAQ Manager
  • Glossary Manager
  • Internal Keyword search Manager
  • Media Distribution Centre
  • News Template
  • Incoming Visitors / Contacts Manager
  • Amazon-GoogleShop-Ebay Integration compatable.
  • Independant E-commerce Shop / for limited versions.

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