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Hardware Systems Design and Manufacture

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When the chips need more byte...

Being that we also have an established presence in China, we are also able to guarantee quality design of electronic hardware components, including a complete design of the micro controller unit right through the printed circuit board. We also provide high quality and world-class design service on MCU (Micro-Controller Unit) based System to make sure that your business operation will be as smooth and as effective as possible.

  The co-operation is based on 2 methods such as:

  1. Design service only, we provide total design, including firmware & schematic, with a demo kit for verification that will provide you a high level of satisfaction.

  2. Provide the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembled) in the applications like the Remote control, weight scale, electronic timer/counter, air model control. These applications are designed to meet the particular needs of your business.

With these 2 methods, rest assured that your hardware system will be stronger and more stable than ever before to secure that all operations work together to meet the goals and objectives of your business. If you require specialized methods, all you have to do is to let us know. With our team of professional electronic circuit design and production specialists, we will provide them to you. 

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