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Highly Competitive SEO terms take time to rank

Measuring their SEO effectiveness is one of the most important tasks in the to-do list of site Managers. It's important to realize that this exercise really matters, as it provides minimal insight regarding the actual rankings for their targeted keywords. In fact, measuring their SEO effectiveness should be based on the following three factors ONLY:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Monthly visitors
  • Tracking leads and conversion rates

 SKIZCorp's SEO development practices?

Since it's inception in 1997 SKIZcorp has established a network of SEO analysts and developers. Search engine optimisation or "SEO" is a part of the internet marketing strategy with the objective to increase the position of a web page in the organic search results. "SEO" also falls under the category of search engine marketing or “SEM” which is often considered as sponsored listings or paid listings. We offer affordable seo services. Within 3-4 months the website will begin to gain a momentum.  Remember, there's alot of competition out there, so if you happen to find a better price elsewhere, you should consider that you are also taking the risk of cost of time and opportunity for achieving results.

Keyword Rankings: Ensure your landing pages are indexed and ranked for the targeted keywords. It is one of the most critical aspects of search engine optimization. As a part of your SEO strategy, you will be targeting a few keywords relevant to your niche. Also, ensure your site is optimized for both short and long tail keywords. In fact, a website ranking for a few long tail keywords in the very first month means the SEO professionals are doing their job. Another indication that will help to understand the effectiveness of your SEO efforts is the website’s keyword rankings positions. Allow SKIZCorp to help you Start generating your keyword ranking reports and monitor the process closely.

Monthly visitors: Monitoring your visitors will allow you to see who is visiting your website on a monthly basis will help you to measure your website’s performance over time, further more, the visitors behaviour such as, where did they come from, what they are doing, where are they going next, and why are they going there. Google Analytics is one of the best tools, when it comes to analyze your web traffic.  In addition, it will help you to understand the current trends, which in turns, allows you to determine whether a particular effort is contributing to your SEO goals.

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