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Vertical vs Horizontal Menu Structure Choice

Our aim to satisfy the end users website experience, for an information system we recommend vertical navigation structure over  horizontal navigation structure for the following reasons.

The following points are the reason for why SKIZCorp recommend vertical navigation structure:

  • Allow the visitor to navigate the site with as least amount of clicks possible.
  • High targeting speed.
  • As least mouse Dragging possible
  • Ability to focus on page content ( a horizontal menu is right in front of the page content,  and always is
  • Tall page - Menu accessibility.  Even if there is a button at the bottom of the page which enables the user to automatically scroll to the top, it's still another click and a hop away, then the menu needs to be re accessed with sub menu
  • Best SEO result possible
  • Highest page load speed possible
What is the cost of an average web development project?
Class structure Extravagant
Large Scale
Independent Contractor
or Consultant
3 License
Low Cost,
Average Project Cost $500,000 $15,000 $3,000 $3,000 $6,000
Project Cost Range $100,000 -
$7,500 -
$1,500 -
$1,500 -
$3,800 -
Hourly Rate $400 - $800 $100 - $200 $75 - $180 $50 - $250 $50 - $90


What costs am I looking at for SEO development?

 Since it's inception in 1997 SKIZcorp has established a network of SEO analysts and developers. Search engine optimisation or "SEO" is a part of the internet marketing strategy with the objective to increase the position of a web page in the organic search results. "SEO" also falls under the category of search engine marketing or “SEM” which is often considered as sponsored listings or paid listings. We are able to provide Competitive entry level pricing for the first time customer with an investment figure being approximately $750 (See current pricing) per month excluding paid listings. Within 3-4 months the website will begin to gain a momentum. If you are an existing customer / partner of SKIZCorp then you are entitled to a further discount. Remember, there's alot of competition out there, so if you happen to find a better price elsewhere, you should consider that you are also taking the risk of cost of time and opportunity for achieving results.

I'm very new to SEO how do we start?
  • What kind of SEO  do you Do?

We do White Hat SEO Activities to increase ranking of your Website on Google Search Engine as Google penguin and Panda Updates.

  • What will we have to do

You have to Pay us USD 240 per month and you will tell us your Suggested 10 keywords of your choice.

  • Any guarantee for page one?

After Finalisation of Keywords, we can talk about Guarantee.

  • What keywords lists and how do i get started?

Fill in this form and we'll take it from there


Can you guarantee us on first position of google?

No body gives guarantee because SEO is based on Google or any other search engine which is on a public platform, thus wo don’t we will not any formal agreement or guarantee with an organisation about being in position #1 of any search engine.

Can you help us rank above our compettitor?

We don’t do negative jobs. We can work for better improvement in ranking of your organisations website than your compettitors website(s)

How do I get a Domain Name?

www.makeyournetwork.com <-- It all starts here.


Nanoreash And StrikerM Comparison

Nanoreash And StrikerM Comparison

The strikerM is considerably more expensive than Nanoreash, However through partnership with sportkin eligability permitting, or then through  a reccomended partner agent, you'll receive considerably discounted price structure, cool ?

so 1. Nanoreash Demo  <-- Check Nanoreash

2. Profile.strikerm.com <-- Check StrikerM

StrikerM can handle allot more pages in the sence that the catagory tree structure is loose contained,  the Nanoreash can only goes to a sub-sub level.

Nanoreash has a simple shop.

StrikerM has a unique shop and service ordering process integrated, thus can be used for a restaurant - or an airline. 

WebAssebly Motivated

NOTE: Information is not complete, - 2017 Version of NANOREASH is EXCELLENT .. t's called the PM3S or  Nanoreash Peregrine


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