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Instant download and access to information with off-line indexing through a single executable file / Faster than PDF.

Specific Real Estate
With its unique method of browsing, MYDB can assist real estate agents to reduce distribution costs, be ahead of the market and to identify the most popular properties. Video and 3D property tours can be added to MYDB plus there is an option to send details on to interested parties.

Complex information requires an accurate and secure method of transmission. MYDB’s interface can help your finance business achieve this. Your information will be interactive and dynamic and therefore attractive to your prospective customers. It will also be password protected plus you will benefit from the reduction in postal costs.

Coverage and delivery are paramount to business-to-business success – your Digital Book can be produced in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a magazine. MYDB can also be delivered to everyone on your database without any reproduction of copies. Publication and distribution costs are substantially reduced plus you can receive instant and accurate circulation statistics, which in turn encourages advertising.

MYDB reduces web site traffic because it allows your clients to look at information offline. Also pages can be linked back to your web site so orders can be placed from either location. This reduction in web traffic will positively affect your sales
and your search engine ranking.

MYDB encourages sales of printed books and it creates the most user-friendly, instantaneous way for viewers to access information through offline high-speed indexing. Education takes on a worldwide perspective as quizzes, tests and surveys are an excellent feature of MYDB. Students/clients can respond through MYDB and results can be sent to a central database or be known instantly. Because there is no exam marking or collating of survey information, distribution costs are also cut.

Protect your MYDB G2 publication with several options security, from simple SSL encrypted with a digital signature to passwords access using solid encryption.

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