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Network Security

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What do you need in order to secure your network?

  • A Strong firewall or a unified threat management system.
  • For Windows users, basic Antivirus software. An anti-spyware program would also be a good idea. There are many other types of anti-virus or anti-spyware programs out there to be considered.
  • When using a wireless connection, use a robust password.  such as WPA2 with AES, there are lots of other things to consider such as disabling the broadcast of the router's ID (SSID), and enable mac address filtering etc.. these small items are often foreseen by most configurations, simple White list authorised wireless configurations will prevent someone parked outside your office inside their car, as they could very well be sniffing the data transfer within your network and then are able to break in and monitor your work flow or even worse...  Fortuitously SKIZcorp have years of  experience with network security and are able to configure your router its maximum security capability, and it could cost as little as a service call to achieve. 
  • Whether your operation is either big or small Strong software and Internet Security Software suites are important, that is if you want to secure your data of course. 
  • Security fencing to mark perimeter and set wireless range to this.
  • Inventory controls of organisation owned mobile devices.
  • Remote Network Administration to allow your data's integrity to be monitored by eagle eyes.

Our aim is to  maximise existing resources and deliver effective work, fast, delivering with measurable improvement in both global and corporate environment technical expertise across IT security assessments, networking, servers, support, systems design, architecture and efficient service delivery.

  • Financial trading infrastructure design and development integration.
  • Examining current IT security risks with malware, mobile devices, cloud computing
    Exploring whether regulatory compliance equals better security?
IT experience in information security, with solid service and project delivery background striving for ultimate operation efficiency Australia first challenge was to secure

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