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Computer Room Design

Image: Computer Room Design

The main purpose of computer room design is to increase the security, and maintain an accurate density for the modern machine hardware to operate and gain a maximum life span. The Main aspects which need to be considered are as follows:

  • Design of the environment
  • Cooling
  • Humidity
  • Power

The type of environment will also depend on the type of design required. Thus, high density means more sensitivity.

Convenience and accessibility.  Rack mounting is designed to get high CPU density – optimize space usage given the effort required in allocating secure facility.

While it's important for the airflow to keep the systems running at a stable temperature, and SKIZCorp doesn't recommend leaving the doors off the racks, good quality systems are available which can help in reducing the overall install and maintenance cost of a Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) such as HP smart cooling, etc. yet the right design is critical in order to gain maximum lifespan from the systems and lessen risks such as fire or hardware failure.

For example, too high airflow will cause localised condensation, corrosion and electrical short. In fact, even zinc in floor tiles can influence condensation.

If you are setting up a computer room, it's best do use a method which will ensure a safe environment, yet smart enough to be monitored while being unattended. To achieve this, the following are the things you need to consider:

  • Raised floor
  • Computer room air-conditioning (CRAC)
  • Fire management system (FM200)
  • Smart remote monitoring and sensor systems (water leaking & heat detection)
  • Power Supply including backup generators
  • Structured Cabling

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