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Area Network Design and Development

Image: Area Network Design and Development
One way to categorize the different types of computer network designs is by their scope or scale.

For historical reasons, the networking industry refers to nearly every type of design as some kind of area network. The common examples of area network types are the following:

  • CAN - Campus Area Network, Controller Area Network
  • LAN - Local Area Network
  • MAN - Metropolitan Area Network
  • SAN - Storage Area Network or  System Area Network
  • VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network
  • WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
  • WAN - Wide Area Network

There is no such thing as a single package that can work for all infrastructure types. Therefore, a total and accurate audit is required in order to design and employ the infrastructure. And that is exactly what we provide to ensure that the infrastructure will work best for the highest demands of your business. With our team of engineers, everything will turn out perfect according to what you have planned.  

LAN and WAN were the original categories of area networks, while the others have progressively emerged over many years of technology’s evolution. Note that these network types are a separate concept from network topologies such as bus, ring and star.

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